Creating an Application Plug-in XML File

Regardless of whether you are running your application as managed or unmanaged, you will need to add it to the PureWeb server. To accomplish this, you create an application plug-in and add it to the PureWeb server's directory. This plug-in associates clients and services.

To create the plug-in, you write two files:

  • a .plugin.xml file: this file tells the server where to find the service, which types of clients are available, as well as other information pertaining to the application; see the model provided below.
  • a file: this file is optional and lists any relevant application-specific configuration properties as key-value pairs. See Creating a Plug-in Properties File.

Once the plug-in files exist, you can make your application available in a few quick steps, described in Adding your Application to the Server.

The links below lead to tables that provide a description of the elements within the sample file.

You can take a look at the plug-in files for the sample applications for other examples (assuming you have built a sample application):