Uninstall Procedures

Follow the procedures below to permanently delete the PureWeb SDK components from your system.

Before completing these procedures, stop the server if it is running.

On Windows

You can use an executable for uninstalling the components, uninstall.exe, which is located in the server's installed directory.

If you prefer, you can also use Windows' Control Panel to uninstall:

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard to display the Start menu (Start screen in Windows 8), then type uninstall a program as the search term.
  2. Under the Control Panel header link in the search results, click Uninstall a program to display the Uninstall or Change a program dialog box.
  3. Scroll down to the PureWeb entry and double-click it.
  4. When you are prompted to confirm the uninstallation, click Yes.

On Linux

Enter the following commands:

  • On Ubuntu:

    • sudo dpkg -r PureWeb
  • On Red Hat:
    • su

    • rpm -qa | grep -i pureweb | xargs rpm -e

On Mac

This procedure will remove the PureWeb Framework from your iOS projects.

  1. Open a terminal by navigating to Applications | Utilities | Terminal.
  2. Edit the Podfile to remove the line that specifies the PureWeb pod:
    platform :ios
  3. Run the command to update the pods:
    pod update