Installation Instructions

When you install the PureWeb SDK, you install API libraries to develop your service and your client, the PureWeb server which provides middle tier functionality, as well as sample applications to get you started quickly.

You may need to install different components on different operating systems. For example, if you want to develop a service using C++ on Linux with an iOS client on Mac.


  • Check that your environment meets the system requirements.
  • Ensure that you have the license to your PureWeb server readily available. This will be a .lic file which you will have received from Calgary Scientific.
  • Uninstall any previous instances of the PureWeb server from that computer.

    On Windows, it is possible to keep multiple instances on the same computer, but not recommended. See Working with a Side-by-Side Installation.


Directory Structure

The default installed location for the PureWeb server is as follows:

  • On Windows: C:\CSI\PureWeb
  • On Linux: /opt/CSI/PureWeb

This location contains two main directories: SDK and Server.

  • SDK: Contains the sample applications and redistributable libraries. The Templates sub-directory is used by the sample applications. On Windows, because the installer lets you choose which components to install, the SDK directory will only contain the samples relevant for the components that you selected.
  • Server: Contains the files necessary for configuring and running the PureWeb server, as well as the files from your deployed application. This is also where logs and configuration backups are stored.

Below are topics that contain more information about the server's directory structure:

Changing Default Server Settings

After installing the PureWeb server, you may wish to edit some of the default configuration settings.

The links below provide instructions on the most common configuration procedures.

What's Next

After you have installed the SDK and set up your development environment, we recommend that you build and work with one of the sample applications as an introduction to PureWeb APIs. See Getting Started in Six Steps.