Adding Your Application Plug-in to the Server

Once you have created the plugin.xml file, and optionally the file, you can make your application available in a few quick steps, described below.

You must perform a reload or restart the server before server configuration or plug-in file changes take effect.

To perform a reload, navigate to the server's Configuration page and click the Reload button for the section where the file is located within the page (for example, if you edited a plug-in configuration file, click the Reload Plugins button, if you edited a logging configuration file, click the Reload Logging button, and so on).

If you edit a configuration file, the server will display a reload required message beside this file in the Configuration page as a reminder until the changes have been applied.

A working link to your application should now appear in the server's Apps page.

If your application doesn't appear in the server's Apps page, check that you added the link to the application when you created the plugin.xml file.

The plugin.xml and files for your application will also appear in the server’s Configuration page, where you will be able to open them in a browser for editing.

If you need to remove an application that you have added, see Removing an Application from the Server.