Deployment Options

Solutions developed using the PureWeb SDK can be deployed on proprietary infrastructure, or in private or public clouds.

There are three main components to deploy: the server, the service and the client.

Deployment options for the service depend on the type of service:

  • Managed services (where the server handles the application life cycle, starting and stopping the service application when clients first connect) must reside on the same system node as the server.

  • Unmanaged services can reside on a different node from the server.

    If you develop a service application on Windows, and you choose to deploy it on a separate system node from the PureWeb server, ensure that the machine that will run the deployed service has C++ Runtime library installed; this should be the same version of C++ Runtime that you used when you developed the application.

The client always runs on remote web or mobile user systems.

PureWeb applications are scalable and, if needed, you can set up a multi-server environment.

By default, the PureWeb server uses port 8080 to accept connections from the client, and port 8082 to accept connections from the service, but this is configurable. See Configuring the Ports.