Choosing a Sample Application

There are two sample applications:

  • Scribble, a simple canvas which allows users to draw, change pen color, and erase drawings. Multiple users can also interact with Scribble in collaboration mode.


  • Asteroids, an implementation of the classic video game with a twist — it supports both single-player and two-player modes; each player independently controls his or her own ship. Asteroids provides functionality that illustrates more advanced concepts such as how to implement deeper collaboration in a service.


Which application you can build depends on your choice of operating system and programming language. The tables below summarize service and client availability per operating system; you can mix and match any available service with any available client.

Available sample services

  Windows Linux
Scribble (C++)
Scribble (C#)
Scribble (Java)
Asteroids (Java)

Available sample clients

  Windows Linux iOS
Scribble (HTML5)
Scribble (mix of Objective-C and Swift)
Scribble (Android)
Scribble (Flex)
Scribble (Java Swing)
Asteroids (HTML5)
Asteroids (Swift)
Asteroids (Android)
Asteroids (Java Swing)

Most of the sample services are managed services (the PureWeb server automatically controls the application life cycle) and require that the service be installed on the same system node as the PureWeb server. If you want to deploy the sample service on a different node from the server, you must choose one of the Scribble services that run on Windows.