Running a Sample Application

This page assumes that you have already built the sample application. See Building a Sample Service and Building a Sample Client.

Although the basic functionality is the same across the services, how you start a client varies depending on each platform. In addition, each client has its own look and feel, and a different way of accomplishing the same tasks.

Starting the Client

If your application doesn't run, see the troubleshooting topic for hints on what could be wrong.

Navigating Scribble

Scribble is a simple canvas which allows users to draw, change pen color, and erase drawings.

Cookie sharing between browser tabs may cause issues with the functionality of the sample application. We recommend that you use two separate browser instances if you want to open two sessions of the same application, for instance to explore the collaboration functionality. Google Chrome users can also use an incognito window.

Navigating Asteroids

Asteroids is an implementation of the classic video game with a twist -- it supports both single-player and two-player modes; each player independently controls his or her own ship.