PureWeb 4.2 Release Notes

These Release Notes apply to all 4.2.x releases of the PureWeb SDK.

Release History

New in PureWeb 4.2

  • Multiple Windows functionality. It is now possible to display the same client concurrently in two or more browser windows, and to navigate the client separately in each one. This feature can be used to build multi-monitor solutions.
  • Session Storage functionality. It is now possible to store data in a new key/value repository that exists on a basis of one per client session; each client connected to a service instance gets its own private data store synchronized with the service. This feature can be used, for instance, as a means to ensure collaboration participants do not gain access to sensitive data intended only for the host.
  • Modernized the iOS client SDK. The API libraries and the sample applications now support iOS 9 and Xcode 7, as well as multitasking and IPv6.
  • Modernized the Android client SDK. The API libraries and sample applications now support Android 6. Also, they are no longer based on Eclipse and Ant, but rather on Android Studio and Gradle.
  • Enhanced security. The versions of Tomcat, Spring Framework and Spring Security used by the PureWeb server have been updated, to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest security patches.
  • The Edge web browser is now supported for HTML5 clients.
  • Improved documentation:
    • The API library reference documentation for all supported languages (with the exception of the deprecated Flex API) underwent a complete overhaul, to add missing content and filter out unused methods, to standardize descriptions across SDKs, and to update the look and feel.
    • New Knowledge Base. The troubleshooting section of the online documentation has been replaced with a new knowledge base; several new entries were added for this release.

Known Issues and Recommendations

The following issues have been identified as expected behavior, or are due to limitations in a third-party application:

  • Flash clients may exhibit poor performance when running in Firefox on Windows 7. (PWEB‑4345)
  • HTML5 client logging — browser-specific peculiarities (PWEB‑3532)


    The PureWeb HTML5 client SDK performs a degree of internal logging. By design, developers creating PureWeb client applications see only the messages logged when there is an unexpected operation within the PureWeb SDK, while the low-level messages logged under normal operation are not visible to them.

    The visible messages are normally logged to the JavaScript console in the browser, but developers should be aware of the following peculiarities that have been found to exist in some versions of the browsers:

    • Firebug: the logging messages will not appear in the Firebug console, but rather will be sent to the default JavaScript console in Firefox.

    • Google Chrome: When using multiple user profiles within Google Chrome, logging messages will only appear in the window of the first profile that was accessed. This issue is not present when using only the default profile.


The following features were deprecated in 4.1:

  • Default Process

    The default process mechanism is deprecated. This mechanism allows for instances of the specified process to be automatically started by the PureWeb server in all available user sessions.

  • Flex Client SDK

    If you are currently using a Flex client, we recommend that you migrate to one of the other supported clients (HTML5, iOS, Android).

The following features were deprecated in 4.0:

  • Clustering

    While the current clustering mechanism is still supported for small multi-server environments (2 to 3 servers), it is recommended that a load balancer be used for such environments instead.

    A solution to improve management and scalability of multi-server environments is currently being developed for a future release of PureWeb.

  • Java Swing Client SDK

    If you are currently using a Java Swing client, we recommend that you migrate to one of the other supported clients (HTML5, iOS, Android).


  • The Silverlight client SDK was deprecated in 4.0, and has now been officially discontinued. The SDK is not included with the 4.2 release.
  • The following platforms/browsers are no longer supported. See the System Requirements for a list of currently supported versions
    • HTML5: Internet Explorer 10, as well as Safari 7 and 8, are no longer supported.

    • iOS: Xcode 6 and iOS 7 are no longer supported.
    • Android: Android 4.0.x is no longer supported.
    • Other: JDK 7 is no longer supported.