PureWeb 4.2 Upgrade Notes

Applications made using the 4.1.x version of the PureWeb SDK may require modifications to upgrade them to the current 4.2 release. These Upgrade Notes will help you identify the specific changes.

API Changes

There are no breaking API changes between the 4.1 and 4.2 releases of PureWeb. However, please note the following:

  • In the iOS SDK, the PWResizeEvengArgs class contained a typo in its name, and has been replaced with PWResizeEventArgs. Although PWResizeEvengArgs is still available, it is deprecated.
  • In the HTML5 SDK, the opt_asynch parameter is no longer included with the disconnect method. Since browsers do not support synchronous disconnects, this parameter was being ignored, and as such it was superfluous. This is not a breaking change, as the parameter will continue to be ignored in any existing code using it.

Developer Tool Changes

Some of the tools, or versions of tools, required for development have changed, as summarized below. For a complete list of supported platforms and tools, refer to the System Requirements.

  • The supported version of JDK is now 1.8. This will impact you if you were using an earlier version for Java or Android development, or for PureWeb server deployments.
  • The minimum supported version of Android is now 4.1, which requires Android API level 16 or higher. Also, development with the Eclipse ADT plugin is no longer supported; you will need to switch to Android Studio 1.5.1+.

  • Xcode 7 and Cocoapods 0.39 are now required for iOS development.