Version: 4.3.2

The PureWeb® platform provides powerful tools for building interactive and collaborative applications that deliver a seamless user experience in real time on web browsers and mobile devices. For more information, see the web site.

This class library reference will help you develop PureWeb client applications in HMTL5. It should be used in conjunction with the Technical Documentation for developers, which describes key concepts such as views and application state, gives instructions on how to get started, and explains the key interfaces and classes with code snippets from the sample applications.

This API allows you to create PureWeb front-end solutions within compliant web browsers without the need for any additional plugins.

Start browsing the documentation by looking at the pureweb namespace.

The main classes and functions are accessed through the PureWeb Framework object.

Using HTML markup, developers can insert HTML elements in which to render the available PureWeb View objects from that framework's service. Standard web controls can be created on pages which can invoke functionality on the PureWeb service application using the WebClient object's queueCommand method.

If more control is required, developers may also create JavaScript functions and custom CSS stylesheets to enhance their PureWeb client pages, or integrate PureWeb applications into existing web applications.

Take a look at the Scribble and Asteroids sample applications to get an idea of just how little code it takes to get PureWeb applications up and running.