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PWBinaryObject Class Reference

The PWBinaryObject class represents binary objects; these objects are retrieved using the retrieveObject method in PWWebClient.


(id) - initWithData:mimeType:

Public Static Functions

(PWBinaryObject *) + binaryObjectWithData:mimeType:


NSString * mimeType
NSData * object

Methods Descriptions

+ (PWBinaryObject *) binaryObjectWithData: (NSData *)  data
mimeType: (NSString *)  mimeType 

Initializes an instance of PWBinaryObject with the specified data and mime type.

- (id) initWithData: (NSData *)  data
mimeType: (NSString *)  mimeType 

Creates and initializes an instance of PWBinaryObject.

Properties Descriptions

- (NSString*) mimeType

The mime type of the binary object, such as application/pdf, image/png, or text/plain.

- (NSData*) object

The binary object data.