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PWEncoderParameter Class Reference

The PWEncoderParameter class allows you to provide individual custom parameters within a PWEncoderFormat object.


(id) - initWithName:value:

Public Functions

(BOOL) - isEqual:

Public Static Functions

(PWEncoderParameter *) + parameterWithName:value:


NSString * name
NSString * value

Methods Descriptions

- (id) initWithName: (NSString *)  name
value: (NSString *)  value 

Initializes a new parameter with the specified name and value.

- (BOOL) isEqual: (id)  other

Compares this encoder parameter against the specified object. Returns true if they are equal, otherwise returns false.

+ (PWEncoderParameter *) parameterWithName: (NSString *)  name
value: (NSString *)  value 

Creates a new parameter with the specified name and value.

Properties Descriptions

- (NSString*) name

The name of this parameter.

- (NSString*) value

The value of this parameter, expressed as a string.