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PWEventTimerProfiler Class Reference

The PWEventTimerProfiler class is an implementation of the PWProfilerDelegate protocol; it records the time taken to complete an event.


(id) - initWithInterval:

Public Functions

(PWTimedEventProfiler *) - begin
(PWXmlElement *) - profilerInfo


double dutyCycle
double frequency

Methods Descriptions

- (PWTimedEventProfiler *) begin

Triggers the start of the event.

- (id) initWithInterval: (NSTimeInterval)  interval

Initializes a new instance of the PWEventTimerProfiler class.

- (PWXmlElement *) profilerInfo

Returns an XML element containing the profiling data; this element is added to the overall profiler information for this client.

Reimplemented from <PWProfilerDelegate>.

Properties Descriptions

- (double) dutyCycle

The duration of the timer.

- (double) frequency

The number of times that the profiled event occurs in the given timeframe.