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PWFrequencyProfiler Class Reference

The PWFrequencyProfiler class is an implementation of the PWProfilerDelegate protocol; it records the number of ticks in a given window.


(id) - initWithWindow:

Public Functions

(void) - clearDeadValues
(void) - clearDeadValues:
(PWXmlElement *) - profilerInfo
(void) - reset
(void) - tick
(NSUInteger) - tickValuesCount


double frequency

Methods Descriptions

- (void) clearDeadValues

Clears dead values (values recorded previously, which are now outside the current interval window).

- (void) clearDeadValues: (NSInteger)  time

Clears dead values based on the specified time span (values recorded previously, which fall neither in the current interval window, nor in the specified amount of time before the current window).

- (id) initWithWindow: (NSInteger)  window

Initializes an instance of the PWFrequencyProfiler object.

- (PWXmlElement *) profilerInfo

Returns an XML element containing the profiling data; this element is added to the overall profiler information for this client.

Reimplemented from <PWProfilerDelegate>.

- (void) reset

Resets the frequency timer and restarts the interval window.

- (void) tick

Records a tick.

- (NSUInteger) tickValuesCount

Returns the number of ticks in the current interval window.

Properties Descriptions

- (double) frequency

The number of ticks recorded in the last interval window.