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<PWProfilerDelegate> Protocol Reference

The PWProfilerDelegate protocol provides an abstract class that must be implemented by all profilers that register with PWProfilerManager. Note that each profiler implementation is responsible for ensuring thread safety.

Public Functions

(PWXmlElement *) - profilerInfo

Methods Descriptions

- (PWXmlElement *) profilerInfo

Returns an XML element containing the profiling data; this element is added to the overall profiler information for this client. Concrete profilers are required to implement this function.

Reimplemented in PWViewRenderer, PWDurationTimerProfiler, PWEventTimerProfiler, PWTimedEventProfiler, PWLazySimpleValueProfiler, PWRateProfiler, PWFrequencyProfiler, PWSimpleMovingAverageProfiler, PWCumulativeAverageProfiler, and PWSimpleValueProfiler.