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RenderTarget Class Reference

The RenderTarget class implements a render target that can accept the contents of a RenderView instance as an Image or ContentInfo pass-through. A render target is the actual content that is streamed from the service application to be displayed in the client-side view.

When the type of RenderTarget is Image, PureWeb will pass the provided image through to the encoding pipeline to generate a compressed video or image frame. If the type of RenderTarget is ContentInfo, PureWeb's encoding pipeline is by-passed. This is useful if you want to:

Using a custom ContentInfo requires that you also provide a client-side custom renderer implementation for that mime type, on every client platform that you want to support.

Public Functions

PureWeb::Server::ContentInfo ContentInfo ()
const Collections::Map< String, StringParameters ()
const PureWeb::ImageRenderTargetImage ()
RenderTargetType::Enum RenderTargetType ()
void SetContentInfo (PureWeb::Server::ContentInfo contentInfo)
void SetRenderTargetType (RenderTargetType::Enum type)
Constructors and Destructors
 RenderTarget ()
 RenderTarget (Image &image)
 ~RenderTarget ()

Usage Description

Returns the ContentInfo object currently in the render target. Will return null if the render target type is Image.

const Collections::Map<String,String> Parameters ( )

Returns the list of custom parameters for the render target, if any. Otherwise, returns null.

Custom parameters can be used to provide metadata along with the object.

const PureWeb::Image& RenderTargetImage ( )

Returns the Image object currently in the render target. Will return null if the render target type is ContentInfo.

RenderTargetType::Enum RenderTargetType ( )

Returns the type of the render target.

void SetContentInfo ( PureWeb::Server::ContentInfo  contentInfo)

Sets a ContentInfo object as the render target.

void SetRenderTargetType ( RenderTargetType::Enum  type)

Sets the type of the render target. Value can be either Image or ContentInfo.