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Public Static Functions
ParameterMap Class Reference

Utility class to create parameter maps from strings and to format parameter maps into strings.

Public Static Functions

static string Format (IDictionary< string, string > parameterMap)
static IDictionary< string, string > Parse (string parameters)

Usage Description

static string Format ( IDictionary< string, string >  parameterMap)

Creates a string representation of the specified parameter map. Will return null if the passed-in parameter is null.

static IDictionary<string, string> Parse ( string  parameters)

Creates a dictionary from a parameter string. The parameter string may contain zero or more key value pairs in the form key1=value1;key2=value2;...;keyn=valuen.

If a key is repeated, only the last value for that key is kept in the Dictionary that is returned.

parametersThe parameter map, or null if the passed in parameters string is null.