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RenderTarget Class Reference

The RenderTarget class implements a render target that can accept the contents a RenderView instance as an Image or ContentInfo pass-through. A render target is the actual content that is streamed from the service application to be displayed in the client-side view.

When the type of render target is Image, PureWeb will pass the provided image through to the encoding pipeline to generate a compressed video or image frame. If the type of render target is ContentInfo, PureWeb's encoding pipeline is by-passed. This is useful if you want to:

Using a custom ContentInfo requires that you also provide a client-side custom renderer implementation for that mime type, on every client platform that you want to support.

Package Functions

 RenderTarget (Image image)


ContentInfo ContentInfo [get, set]
Image Image [get]
IDictionary< string, string > Parameters [get]
RenderTargetType Type [get, set]

Property Documentation

Gets or sets the ContentInfo object for the render target. Will return null if the render target type is Image.

Image Image

Returns the Image object currently in the render target. Will return null if the render target type is ContentInfo.

IDictionary<string, string> Parameters

Returns the list of custom parameters for the render target, if any. Otherwise, returns null.

Custom parameters can be used to provide metadata along with the object.

RenderTargetType Type

Returns the type of the render target.