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PureWebKeyboardEventArgs Class Reference

The PureWebKeyboardEventArgs structure provides event arguments for keyboard input events. PureWebKeyboardEventArgs objects are automatically generated whenever the end user interacts with a view on the client using a keyboard.

Public Functions

Constructors and Destructors
 PureWebKeyboardEventArgs ()
 PureWebKeyboardEventArgs (Guid sessionId, string viewName)
 PureWebKeyboardEventArgs (string viewName)

Data Fields

int CharacterCode
KeyboardEventType EventType
KeyCode KeyCode
Modifiers Modifiers


bool Handled [get, set]
Guid SessionId [get]
String ViewName [get]

Field Documentation

int CharacterCode

The UTF character code of the key that was pressed, or zero if the key is not a printable character.

KeyboardEventType EventType

The type of the keyboard event that occurred (key up, key down, or none).

The virtual key code of the key that was pressed, such as Space, Delete or NumPad1.

The modifier key (such as Shift or Control) that was pressed simultaneously with another key when using a keyboard combination.

Property Documentation

bool Handled

Checks whether the event receiver has handled this event. Returns true if it has, otherwise returns false.

Guid SessionId

Returns the content of the sessionID argument. Indicates in which session the input event occurred.

String ViewName

Returns the content of the viewName argument. Indicates in which view the input event occurred.