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DefaultCommandFilter Class Reference

The DefaultCommandFilter class aggregates redundant input events, thereby reducing the number of commands automatically sent to the service application. This default implementation aggregates view resize and ping events. Since this filtering only applies to commands automatically generated by PureWeb for input events, changing this default is rare.

Public Functions

virtual void FilterCommands (IList< XElement > commands)
Constructors and Destructors
 DefaultCommandFilter ()
 DefaultCommandFilter (CommandFilterFlags filterFlags)


CommandFilterFlags CommandFilterFlags [get, set]
static XElement NullCommand [get]

Usage Description

virtual void FilterCommands ( IList< XElement >  commands)

Filters the specified list of commands based on the CommandFilterFlags settings. Commands that do not pass the filter may be replaced with the NullCommand, or they may be removed from the list, at the filter's discretion.

This method will be called by the PureWeb event loop, after the filter is installed through the CommandManager's CommandFilter method.

commandsList of incoming commands to filter.

Implements ICommandFilter.

Property Documentation

Gets or sets the command filter flags.

Filter flags are used to control how commands should be filtered. See CommandFilterFlags for the list of supported values.

XElement NullCommand

A no-operation command. May be used as a substitution for commands that do not pass the filter in FilterCommands