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ViewRegistrationOptions Struct Reference

The ViewRegistrationOptions structure allows you to specify the view rendering behavior.

Public Functions

 ViewRegistrationOptions (bool preferHWAcceleratedEncoder, bool renderForCollaborators, bool polledRenders=false)

Data Fields

bool PolledRenders
bool PreferHWAcceleratedEncoder
bool RenderForCollaborators

Field Documentation

bool PolledRenders

Specifies whether a view is polled by PureWeb to determine when renders are available. Many services use the RenderViewDeferred mechanism to notify PureWeb when a view has been updated and needs to be rendered - in effect a render is pushed into PureWeb. However, for services based on gaming platforms like Unreal and Unity, rendering occurs continuously. Thus it is more convenient to have PureWeb poll views in these services to determine when a render is available - in effect, PureWeb pulls renders. PolledRenders defaults to false.

bool PreferHWAcceleratedEncoder

Enabling this options binds this view to an instance of a GPU H264 encoder. When the client changes the EncoderConfiguration to use H264, PureWeb will use that instance to compress the result of RenderView. Enabling this option implies that RenderForCollaborators is false. Collaborators will receive the same stream as the owner session, if the requested format is also H264. Otherwise, it behave as normal. Default: Off

bool RenderForCollaborators

Each collaborator receives a new render and encoding. Default: On