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Static Public Attributes
SupportedEncoderMimeTypes Struct Reference

A list of the supported mime types for image encoding.

Static Public Attributes

static readonly string H264 = "video/h264"
static readonly string Jpeg = "image/jpeg"
static readonly string Png = "image/png"
static readonly string Tiles = "image/x-tile"

Field Documentation

readonly string H264 = "video/h264"

Returns the mime type for H264 videos.

H.264 is a popular video compression format which delivers high quality images at a fraction of the data size of other formats. Although H.264 can be a real boon to reduce bandwidth consumption, it is not suitable for every application.

When H.264 is selected as the preferred mime type, PureWeb will look for NVidia's NVENC capabilities, or an installed x264 library, before defaulting back to a slower software encoder. Decoding an H.264 stream is resource-intensive and may require significant CPU capabilities on the client to achieve acceptable results.

readonly string Jpeg = "image/jpeg"

Returns the mime type for JPEG images.

This is the default mime type.

readonly string Png = "image/png"

Returns the mime type for PNG images.

PNG images use loss-less encoding, and therefore changing the quality value of images sent as PNGs has no impact.

readonly string Tiles = "image/x-tile"

Returns the mime type for Tiles images.

Tiles are small header-less JPEG images which only update the parts of the view that have changed since the last update; this sends noticeably less data to the clients. Tiles, however, require more computational effort on the part of the computer running the service application. This encoding format is supported in all client platforms except HTML5, but as a general rule JPEGs perform better.