pureweb.util. CommandFilter

The CommandFilter is an abstract base class for command filters, which are used to filter out redundant or unnecessary commands prior to transmission to the service application. Filtering can improve performance in some cases, depending on the commands. The default filter, DefaultCommandFilter, aggregates redundant input events within views. Changing the default is rare.

Method Summary

Filters the specified array of commands.


new CommandFilter()

Initializes a new instance of CommandFilter.


<static, constant> NULL_COMMAND → Element

A no-operation command. This can be inserted into an array of filtered commands with the guarantee that it will not be transmitted to the service application.

Method Detail


Filters the specified array of commands. Commands that do not pass the filter may be replaced with NULL_COMMAND, or they may be removed from the list at the filter's discretion.
Name Type Description
commands Array The array of commands to filter.