Share URL displays an error

Last Updated: Release 4.2


When navigating to the share URL, the program doesn't launch the shared application, but rather displays an error such as "Cannot connect to localhost" or "Page not found".


If your collaboration URL does not work, it is most likely caused by the use of localhost in the address, or by shared cookies.

Collaboration and Localhost

It is common for developers to access the PureWeb server using localhost (http://localhost:8080/pureweb/...) rather than its actual IP address, as a shortcut. This does not work when collaborating with users outside the network. To generate a proper collaboration URL, it is necessary to access the server with the full address by replacing localhost with the IP address or host name.

Collaboration and Shared Cookies

It is not possible to run a normal PureWeb session and a collaboration session in the same browser (i.e. in another tab).

This is because tabs share the same cookies and this interferes with how the PureWeb server manages sessions.

To avoid this, launch collaboration links (share URLs) in another browser, or a separate browser instance. Google Chrome users can also use an incognito window.


March 21, 2016