What to do if the server doesn't start

Last Updated: Release 4.3


Starting the PureWeb server throws an error.


There are a few reasons why the server might not start.

Check that the server isn't already running

If you forget to shut down the server before restarting it, or otherwise attempt to run two instances of the server on the same port, you will get an error message.

Check that you have a valid licence

If your PureWeb server license is missing, corrupted or expired, the server will start, but will not run properly.

The licence is a .lic file located in the following directory:

If you are having issues with your license, contact support.

Check your JAVA_HOME and Path environment variables

This applies only if you are running the server on a Windows operating system.

If your JAVA_HOME environment variable is missing or is not pointing to the correct version of JDK, or if your Path variable does not include JAVA_HOME, you may experience issues when trying to run the PureWeb server.

For instructions, see Environment Variables.


December 05, 2017