What to do if the sample application doesn't launch

Last Updated: Release 4.3


The sample application doesn't run after building it.


There are several steps involved in setting up a development environment, installing PureWeb components and building the sample applications.

If the sample applications do not work properly after building them, the checklist below may help identify the source of the problem.

Are you using a 64-bit operating system?

PureWeb applications are meant to be developed on a 64-bit operating system, although, once built, they can be deployed on either 32-bit or 64-bit systems.

Is the correct version of Visual Studio Runtime Library (C++ Runtime) installed?

In order for the native image processing library to function in all of the samples, you must have the Visual Studio Runtime Library installed. The version that you need depends on which version of Microsoft Visual Studio you are using (for the samples, this must be 2008 or 2010).

If this library is not installed, or if you have the wrong version, this can lead to issues such as:

  • the sample application functions in the service, but not in the client
  • “Unable to create process” error when running the service application

To verify that you have the correct version, perform the procedure below. If you receive an error message regarding the MSVC*.dll, you do not have the correct version.

  1. Navigate to [Installed_location]\Server\bin\scribbleapp
  2. Double-click on the scribbleapp.exe file.

Is the server license file installed?

The PureWeb installation does not install the license automatically nor prompt for a license number. The .lic file must be placed in the installed directory manually.

If the license is not installed, the PureWeb server will start, but it will not be operational.

Navigate to the location below and verify that it contains a .lic file:

If the file exists, it could be corrupt or expired. If you are having issues with your PureWeb license, contact PureWeb technical support.

Is the correct version of the JDK installed on the server?

The Java Development Kit (JDK) must be installed on the computer where the PureWeb server is installed.

Are the environment variables set correctly?

The PureWeb solution uses several environment variables; each of them must point to the correct version of the product in order for a PureWeb application to function correctly.

For details, see Environment variables.

Have the platform-specific prerequisites been met?

The prerequisites required to build and run the sample service and client applications on a given platform sometimes differ from those required to develop new PureWeb applications.

For example, although you can use the latest version of the Android SDK to develop your own Android client applications, to work with the sample Android clients, you should use SDK level 21. See Requirements.

Did you build the service application?

Client applications will not work without a service application.

Has the solution been built in an environment different from the current user?

If the scribbleapp.sln solution was built in an environment different from the current user, you may experience issues with the sample applications. To solve this, rebuild the application in the proper environment.

Did you reload the plugin?

The first time you build an application, you need to reload the plug-ins in the PureWeb server in order for the server to recognize that application.

You must perform a reload or restart the server before server configuration or plug-in file changes take effect.

To perform a reload, navigate to the server's Configuration page and click the Reload button for the section where the file is located within the page (for example, if you edited a plug-in configuration file, click the Reload Plugins button, if you edited a logging configuration file, click the Reload Logging button, and so on).

If you edit a configuration file, the server will display a reload required message beside this file in the Configuration page as a reminder until the changes have been applied.


April 11, 2017