Service-specific log messages in the PureWeb server console

Last Updated: Release 4.3


I see a large number of messages of type "DEBUG 7616" in the Tomcat window for the PureWeb server. For example:

2016-01-07 16:12:34,775 DEBUG 7616 Application IERR = 0 Z = 0.083437
2016-01-07 16:12:34,777 DEBUG 7616 Application 5 0.285450 0.285450
2016-01-07 16:12:34,777 DEBUG 7616 Application 6 0.140852 0.140852

What are these?


These messages do not originate from PureWeb, but rather from your application. This is because the PureWeb server captures all stdout and stderr messages from the service application and displays them in the Tomcat window.

Messages in the PureWeb server window have the following format:

[timestamp] [severity level] [process ID] [logger] [description]

In your example, therefore, the number 7616 refers to your service's process ID (this is specific to the thread running the logger), and "Application" is the name of the logger from your service. Everything after the word "Application" is the message description, also from your service.

Note that messages from PureWeb will follow the same format.

To reduce the number of messages displayed in the PureWeb server window, you can change the log severity level. Click here for instructions.


April 11, 2017