Document Revision History

Below is the changelog for the PureWeb 4.3.x documentation set. For a changelog of the product itself, see the Release Notes.

The documentation revisions are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent changes at the top.

Date Summary of Changes
April 11, 2017

Initial release of the 4.3 documentation.

The documentation underwent a major overhaul for this release:

  • New content. Several new sets of instructions have been added, such as how to add custom encoding parameters, suppress input transmission, and create a custom multipart handler. Also, each code snippet is now shown in all supported programming languages.
  • Closer integration with API references. Each set of instructions provides direct links to the classes and methods being discussed.
  • Improved structure, including clear how-to steps and complete examples; new "Delve deeper" sections for less frequent tasks, and simplified instructions for installing the libraries and building the samples.
  • Enhanced navigation.