Install .Net 3.5 on Windows Server 2012

The procedure below is required only to develop using .NET 3.5 in Visual Studio 2010 on a Microsoft Windows Server 2012 operating system.

Version 3.5 of .NET is not installed by default on Microsoft Windows Server 2012. To install it, you will need the Windows Server 2012 .iso file or DVD.

  1. Insert the .iso file or DVD into a drive.
  2. Open Server Manager and select Add Roles and Features.
  3. Click Next in the wizard until you reach the Features page.
  4. Select .NET Framework 3.5 Features and click Next to display the Confirm installation selections screen.
  5. Select the Specify an alternate source path link.
  6. Enter the following as the path, changing the directory if needed:
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Install.