Run multiple instances on Windows

It is possible, although not recommended, to have multiple instances of the PureWeb server installed on the same Windows computer.

If you must have this setup, when selecting the install location during installation, make sure to install the second instance in a different folder from the first instance.

Once you have installed multiple instances of the PureWeb server on the same computer, the additional steps described in this section will help ensure that your side-by-side installation works correctly.

Toggle PureWeb environment variables

By default, your PureWeb environment variables will include the path to each installed instance, separated by a semi-colon, for example:


However, the variable must point to only one server at a time. Therefore, when working with the first instance, remove the path to the second instance from the environment variable value, and vice versa when working with the second instance.

For example, when working with the first instance:


When working with the second instance


How to access the environment variables dialog on Windows varies depending on which version of the operating system you are running. If unsure, check the documentation for your operating system.

Create additional desktop icons

It is a good idea to create Start PureWeb and Stop PureWeb desktop icons for each instance of the server, to simplify starting and stopping each instance.

  1. Copy and paste the Start PureWeb and Stop PureWeb desktop icons to create a second set on your desktop.
  2. Rename all four icons to more easily recognize which version they will start and stop. For example: Start PureWeb Version1 and Stop PureWeb Version1.
  3. Right-click on each of the new icons, select Properties and click the Shortcut tab.
  4. Modify the paths in both the Target and Start in fields to point to the locations of your startup.bat and shutdown.bat files.


Target: C:\CSI\PureWeb\Version1\Server\tomcat\bin\shutdown.bat

Start in: C:\CSI\PureWeb\Version1\Server\tomcat\bin