PureWeb® 4.3 Documentation

The PureWeb software development kit (SDK) allows you to create modern web, mobile and cloud solutions for applications that are traditionally difficult to bring to these platforms, such as those requiring the interactive 2D and 3D visualization of large, secure data sets.

The high-end rendering and processing takes place on the service side of the application, which resides on hardware appropriate to the task, and which is also where the data sits. The service APIs then let you capture and stream one or more rendered views over the Internet to interactive thin clients; these clients can be customized to suit the application and the target device, regardless of hardware capabilities, using the client APIs.

In addition to high-performance image remoting, the PureWeb SDK handles the intricacies of synchronized application state management, event-based commands, and real-time collaboration between multiple participants accessing the same application session. This leaves you free to focus on creating leading-edge features and delivering an amazing user experience. For more information about the product, visit the web site.

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